Sonoma County Hunger Index

How We End Hunger

Ways you can help close the meal gap

In what ways can we as a community rally together to address hunger in Sonoma County?

We can harness our collective energy and close the missing meal gap. The next step is to act.
Here are possible actions you can take to close the missing meal gap.
  1. Volunteer at a local food pantry or meal program. Click here for a list of Community Groups tabled at the Hunger Index Forum with names and contact information. However, there are many more throughout the county that need your help.
  2. Advocate at your local City Council for hunger-relief support.
    1. Work to have the general plan recognize the need for local government to support hunger-relief efforts in your community.
    2. Suggest that city-owned buildings be used free-of-charge to food pantries.
    3. Suggest that city-owned land be used for community gardens.
    4. Propose that each year’s budget have a line item supporting local hunger-relief.
    5. Provide resource and referral information for general circulation.
  3. Start (or volunteer at) a Community Garden. For more information, contact the Community Garden Network at 707-544-6911 x1009.
  4. Plant a row in your own garden and donate to your local food pantry.
  5. Volunteer to deliver meals or groceries to home bound seniors.
    1. Contact Council On Aging at 707-525-0143
    2. Contact Petaluma Peoples Services at 707-765-8488
    3. Contact Redwood Empire Food Bank at 707-523-7900
  6. Share available resource information with those that need it. Click on this link to this simple flyer.
  7. Donate vital food and funds to hunger-relief efforts.
  8. Join the Hunger Index Committee and lend your voice and energy to closing the meal gap. Contact George Malachowski, 707.565.5815 for information on our next meeting.
  9. Train as a promotore and share information about health related nutrition topics with your community. Contact the Northern California Center for Well-Being at 707-575-6043.
  10. Volunteer to glean.
    1. Contact Petaluma Bounty at 707-364-9118
    2. Contact Farm to Pantry at
  11. Volunteer or support The Dining Room, a place where people can get a meal 365 days a year.
    1. Call St. Vincent de Paul at 707-584-1579
    2. Visit