Sonoma County families missed 13 million meals this year

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Sonoma County Hunger Index

For 2018, the Hunger Index shows:

Thirty-one percent of all households (58,000) were at risk of being hungry.
♦ While those households were able to purchase 108 million meals, they needed help with an additional 58 million meals.
♦ Food assistance programs through the County of Sonoma, the Redwood Empire Food Bank, Meals on Wheels and other agencies providing benefit enrollment, provided 45 million meals.
♦ The remaining gap in missing meals is 13 million.
♦ If 13 million missing meals were spread among the County’s 150,000 at-risk residents, each person would miss one meal a week.

♦ Sonoma County has a 13 million meal gap; meaning that people are skipping meals and children are going to bed hungry.

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The Index is calculated by:

1) totaling the number of meals local low-income families need, based on the USDA’s Food Plan for a healthy food intake,

2) subtracting the number of meals families purchase on their own, and

3) adding in the number of meals provided by food assistance programs.

If You're Hungry

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Closing the Meal Gap

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